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Some Time Tested Advice​​

​​​I personally think it's pretty cool that you’re here looking into working with me in my primary Home Based Business. 

Here's an opportunity, if it turns out to be a fit for you, to begin your pathway to financial Freedom in a straight forward honest meaningful way, so that you to can spend more time with your family and friends and simply do the things you want when you want without financial worry. 

Trying to find a company to represent that has a risk free business opportunity can be quite a challenge, believe me I've gone through it.  What a gift it is once you have it in place.

And if you have a desire to be a Home Based Business entrepreneur with a well established company you have come to the right place. ​​

If you're looking to do something new or venture into working from home for the very first time...I encourage you to find something that you can be passionate about.  If you don't have any passion for what you choose, you won't do the work necessary to succeed. 

As I was looking for an appropriate business, I found that I needed something that I'd be comfortable promoting to anyone,  loving the product and knowing the business opportunity could be easily performed by anyone with desire. 

Additionally, I was focusing on finding something that provided RESIDUAL income. 

That's the kind of income that just keeps on coming in without you having to put in more work than the work you put in initially.... and that would eventually allow me to have an income without working again and again for the same pay....   

I also needed something that provided real value to customers and business partners and that was so needful and valuable that I would feel an obligation to inform people.

​Well, I found passion for a company that I'd been a happy customer of since 2002.

Now, even though I'd mostly been a customer,  I still introduced several people because of the high quality of the product and the fact that I knew the company would pay me for introducing those people.

As a result of that limited effort, I have received a paycheck each month since 2002.

Now that spoke to the integrity of the company.  A company with integrity should be of utmost importance to anyone getting involved with Home Business. 

Receiving a paycheck without much effort showed me that I could do this.  So I began building a business.

​             Note:  What could be a better way to build a business than by sharing excellent
           products and a business opportunity together via a company video presentation
           overview and let people decide for themselves, with "NO" pressure, if this can
           benefit them.

Ours and your mentors should you find a fit and join in with us are there to help, a value that gave me confidence that I could do this as could the people I introduced.
​​​        ​  ​​
Now, as much fun as I'm sure it would be to work together, I want to make sure it's a fit for the both of us. I only work with people who are motivated, have a great attitude about life and are ready to go!  I, along with our mentors, invest a great deal of time and energy into coaching my team, so I'm unable to take on everyone.

That being said, since our product is the driving force of our companys success, should you wish to persue becoming a customer first I am certainly open to talking with you and get you started in that direction.

Here, by simply being a customer, if you refer anyone who buys our products you will receive a commission check every month that they purchase, and can begin building a business even though that is not your main emphasis in the beginning.

Are you ready to impact more lives while creating your perfect and ideal life?  

let’s start a conversation.

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